Why Using Chapstick is Self-Defeating

Chapstick puts alcohol in their lip balm so that after the balm comforts your lips, it also dries them out.

Creating the artificial need for more Chapstick.

Many products are deliberately designed to fail. This creates a desire for more of the same product, increasing the profit margin of the manufacturer.

Cell phones, car tires, clothing, shoes…

This morning, the sticky gel inside the nose pad of my sleep apnea assembly broke open. This is a piece of durable medical equipment that was not very durable. I’ve only had it for about a year and already it has fallen apart in five ways.

The nose pad broke open; the plastic is yellowing and drying out, the other two cheek gel pads fell out; the strap is “worn,” and the tube assembly falls out. They deliberately put an extra layer of material on the strap so that it gives the appearance of age and “wearing out.”

How much more money would we all have if planned obsolescence was not part of our lives?

Curtis Smale



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