Women, Ethnicity, and Violence

In general, American wives want rules, lots of rules, for men. But they want no rules for themselves and no accountability because: emotions.

All throughout history, men’s sexual desire for women has been in conflict with women’s desire to be in control of men.

Some societies have enacted draconian measures to prevent women’s desires and actions from destroying society. (I’m not at all saying that men’s influence has not often been just as or more destructive, but I am talking about the influence of women here.)

Women are by nature powerful since they are very emotional, they are desired sexually, and they control the birth and nurturing of the next generation. This is their area of power.

But they do not have the same kind of power or masculine authority, the power of life and death, as men.

Just look at the lack of masculine power even the strongest black woman exerts over her sons, where there is no male influence.

Overwhelmingly, young black men turn to the brute masculine force of gangs, while other men, both blacks and whites, the black and whites called police, put them under control, sometimes using deadly force, while their mothers, masculine-powerless, cry hysterically as they watch the horror, and try to blame it on white police officers, erroneously trying to turn a sex issue into a racial one.

If I were black, I would tell my group to get itself in line with a strong masculine influence on young black men.

80% of all violent crimes (from every group) committed in New York City are committed by young black males.

Issues of sex role dysfunction are wreaking havoc on the world.

Curtis Smale

Please leave your comments and questions below. I would appreciate hearing your ideas, criticisms, and perspectives. Thank you.


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