Have You Seen the Hot Beggar Woman?

Just got back from King Sooper’s. As I was taking my $98 worth of groceries back to my car, in one hand, I was approached by a small woman of about 35 years old.

If you are in the Springs, and, I’m guessing, if you are a male over age 40, she will eventually approach you. She’s pretty, looks a little like Sissy Spacek the actress, except without the same nose. Short, slight, strawberry blonde, –with freckles, I think. Dressed a little bit stylish, like a semi-hippie. She approaches you very meekly, with, “Excuse me, sir, could you…” and then goes into a story that amounts to how much money can you give her.

Well, I know this woman is a con. I have talked with her at length several times. I told her that we have all kinds of food banks and churches and social services, etc….

But I know from experience that these kinds of people do not want any kind of conditions or rules of food banks or shelters, just free money pressed into their hands.

How is she still “on the street,” looking healthy and well-dressed after four or five years?

I have interviewed several of these people and many of them ~want~ to live on the street. Years ago, I did research and made a documentary film on the “homeless.”

The average “homeless” person takes in $60,000 a year for full-time begging.

Tax free.

Many of them have cars and houses.

I watched one woman walk back to her late model car.

I watched another woman drive up to the street to the duplex she lived in.

One man in Phoenix, Arizona tried to recruit me into the homeless lifestyle, as he pointed to a row of shacks in field next to a Carl’s Jr.

Several of them, and I have talked to quite a few, have told me that they think people are stupid to work and be under rules and regulations and stress, when they could just beg.

Another guy told me, as did others, that they had girlfriends down at the shelter and that they knew how to get everything from food, shelter, medical, and dental for free.

They were out begging for ~extra~ money.

Many, if not most, of these people are not needy or mentally ill, they are just conmen.

Some of them are college kids traveling cross-country by begging, saying their car broke down or is out of gas.

This woman told me another time that she doesn’t work, gets her rent paid, gets food stamps, and then goes out to beg.

If she approaches you, it is amazing after you are done talking with her how fast she disappears. She is like a fly buzzing away. If you turn around, she is gone and you cannot even spot her.

I am all for helping people who are needy, but no one wants to be taken by a con.

Have you seen her?

She has approached me four or five times in the last three or four years. The last time was just a few weeks ago. She has hit me up at different King Soopers locations, and Walmart, too, I think.

She has approached me so many times that I am starting to see patterns: she only does this at times when the parking lot is jammed to the gills.

Like all the other times, she did not remember me from the last time we talked.

That’s how many people she must talk to.



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