What Do You Do When People Brush Off Your Pain?

Have you ever told someone of a very painful experience or time in your life, a time that lasted months or years, or maybe decades, which included outrageous amounts of deep suffering that scarred your soul for life? You told your story to someone you imagined was your friend, in an effort of disclosure in order to be vulnerable and to deepen the bond of friendship, only to be answered, after this telling, with something like, I’m not kidding, “Bummer.”

“Bummer”? Is this full grown person next to you really somehow still in the sixth grade?

Or, have you ever told a close friend at seemingly the right time, of one of the greatest joys of your life, perhaps by text, only to be answered with a big blue Thumbs Up…

My only question is, where, praytell, did you bury the body?

Curtis Smale


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