EYE IN THE SKY Movie Comment


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Saw this movie several weeks ago called EYE IN THE SKY. Kind of interesting, kind of entertaining.

Mostly it was cool because I saw it with my good friend, Don. It was snowing that night and consequently, no one showed up for the show at the Hollywood Theater (off Voyager) but Don and me, and so we had the theater all to ourselves. It’s rare when that happens, but I love it when it does. We had an absolute blast talking loud, critiquing the film like Siskel and Ebert.

The premise, given in the trailer, is that a remote-strike committee with control over a drone and secret cameras mounted in a fake bird and a fake insect, is debating whether to drop a “Hellfire” bomb on a building with Islamic terrorists inside, Islamic terrorists that they could visually monitor, Islamic terrorists who are suiting up with suicide vets and bombs for mass destruction–but wait, there is a little girl who is setting up a table to sell bread, and they are concerned with collateral harm, including others around the building–and the little girl.

And no mention that the terrorists were Islamic.

This is the lengthiest cinematic milking of a concept that I have ever seen–the entire movie was based on this premise. (That is probably why that descriptive paragraph was one long sentence.) But still, the movie was very entertaining, even if it was pushing an emotionalized agenda.

In the end, Don and I came to the same decision from the very beginning that we came to at the end.

I won’t tell you what happens, but if you see this film, I would like to hear your thoughts, in the comments below. We’ll do it this way: if you haven’t seen the movie, don’t read the comments, because we will talk openly about the plot. Thanks.

One thing I will say. At every level and in every combat situation, there are women in the very top ranks. This seems to me to be propaganda of the crassest sort. Military veterans, I would like to hear your comments about the accuracy of the placement of the women in this movie.

Curtis Smale





2 thoughts on “EYE IN THE SKY Movie Comment

  1. The movie had about 10 – 15 of content repeated over and over again. Is that a fair assessment Curtis?Having the theater to ourselves was a hoot and may never occur again. Enjoyed the experience immensely.

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