Why is it Dangerous to Have No Paper Money?


If the US ever goes to a completely cashless society, that will be the end of financial freedom and privacy.

Every transaction monitored, and analysed to enslave people further.

One new law, and backdoor computer access, would shut down your account and render all of the money in your account completely inaccessible.

Maybe the government doesn’t like your politics, or your religion, or the politically incorrect things you’ve been saying or typing online.

They have ways to make you cooperate.

They’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Notice that if you have cash or coins in a wooden box, no one can monitor that or remotely confiscate it.

No one can shut off the power of the cash and coins to buy things like… food.

My apartment rental office now will not accept cash. I cannot pay my rent with a money order (which is still tracked) without getting a $25 extra fee.

If you have a paper notebook, no one can remotely access your notes via the Internet.

If you have a good old fashioned paper book, not on Kindle, no one can alter the pages remotely online to change facts or statements.

The problem is not with technology, but with people’s evil motivations to access information and to control your life and your privacy and your freedom.

From now forward, expect that absolutely everything on your computer, phone, or iPad is completely public and totally accessible.

Use the four digit code and your iPad and set it up to erase your iPad after four wrong passcode attempts. (This is the only security passcode I know of, on the iPad Air and most recent iPads only, that is virtually uncrackable.)

If you want privacy, you’d better get a paper notebook, a titanium box, and some cash, and don’t tell anyone you have it.

Science fiction and conspiracy theories and paranoia aren’t even keeping up with what is now actually possible.

If you agree, or if you think this is ridiculous and not realistic, please share your knowledge and wisdom in the comments below.

Curtis Smale






2 thoughts on “Why is it Dangerous to Have No Paper Money?

  1. Your concern is completely correct. However I think you went a little light on the government. There will come a day when we can neither buy nor sell. When all financial transactions are paperless then it will be easy for the government to shut off our ability to buy or sell.

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    1. Thank you very much for commenting on this on the blog, here, Bruce. An hour after I published it, with only one view, I was beginning to think that the title sounded too alarmist, or that people are just put off, and maybe they are. I am not a huge conspiracy theorist, but so many of these things are not conspiracy theories, but realities–realities that are unpleasant and that therefore many people don’t want to hear about… But I knew I wasn’t completely crazy, because of the Book of Revelation.


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