Who Really is Writing Your Favorite Books?


Have you ever wondered who it is, really, that is the real person writing your favorite books?

People talk about a writer having a “writing style.” But that is a bloodless way to talk about writing.

It’s a general statement, like saying a person has a certain type of face or a certain kind of voice.

A voice ~similar~ to the person you want to hear is not the voice of the person you love.

So, no writer writes with a “style.”

No good writer writes wearing a mask.


Writers write with their consciences, with their own beliefs and knowledge and experiences, their own thinking, their own emotions, their own personality, their own memories, their own moment-by-moment linguistic choices, their own voice, their own evolving level of development, unique to themselves.

Writing is a living art, like acting, painting, singing, filmmaking, playing a musical instrument, or any other art.

Writing is alive.

Can you feel that these things you are looking at right now are not dead lifeless marks on the screen, but that they pour forth directly from a living soul, electrically alive in the moment my fingertips hit the letter keys, alive in the moment your eyes see them and your mind understands them?

It is only when art is done in an insincere, derivative and lifeless style that we say it is done in a “style.”

Would a person, unless he was doing a comedic voice impression, talk to you in a “style”?


He would use his own voice, of course.

What are your thoughts about your own writing voice?

Curtis Smale



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